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Isabelle Bryan - Author

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Isabelle Bryan lives and works in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about Human Rights and currently develops and implements fundraising strategies for a global anti-trafficking organisation.Isabelle also serves as a board member for a small NGO, which supports street children through the provision of shelter, education, healthcare and employment opportunities in Congo.

About her first novel ‘Sakola’ Isabelle said: “I have always had stories and poems floating in my head. However, I had no ambition of becoming a writer and possess no publishing background. Bizarrely the story of ‘Sakola’ is one that landed on my lap, captivated my imagination and demanded my attention. Sakola simmered in my guts for a number of years until I gathered enough courage to put it to paper. It is a burden or a gift - depending on the reader’s perception - that I carry which I consider would be of no value beyond the grave, therefore has to be shared on this side of eternity.”

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About Sakola

Sakola is a gripping fantasy novel about a British young woman of Congolese and Nigerian decent. She is unwittingly thrown into the world of her ancestors’ tribal customs and magic. Destined to rule as chief of her father’s tribe and queen of the underworld, she reluctantly embraces her fate, enduring strong opposition that threatens to shake the foundations of her world.

“The first novel by Isabelle Bryan is a captivating tale that weaves together the world of magic with the resilient spirit of Angelique the protagonist. With its richly imagined settings and beautifully written prose, this story not only celebrates diversity but also showcases transformative power."

Prof. Phan Nhuan David. PGCE. Certified Teacher of French literature

“The story is well written, with enough descriptions but not too many. The dialogues are good and funny at times”

Elvira Sepulveda-Duran

Angelique’s rapid rise from ordinary woman to Queen of the underworld had me gripped from the first page. Sakola is a unique and compelling read"

Ed Power

Sakola is available to buy from Amazon in Paperback & Kindle formats